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LGT8F88A FLASH Microcontroller


LGT8F88A based on LGT8XM, a deeply optimized 8bit RISC core. In order to maximize performance and parallelism, LGT8XM uses Harvard architecture – with separate memories and buses for program and data. Instructions are executed inside a 2-stage pipeline. 2-stage pipeline reduces useless fetch-stage, so decrease power consumption caused by flash memory. LGT8XM introduce a smart instruction cache, which can fetch more instructions one time, effectively decrease memory accessing operations. Based on our test, LGT8XM decrease about 40% power consumption caused by program memory compare to other 8bit architectures.

In order to cover flexible and versatile electronic markets, LGT8F88A provides rich of digital and analog features to fit kinds of applications:

Advanced LGT8XM RISC Architecture
  • 131 instructions, 80% execute one cycle
  • 32x8bit general purpose working registers
  • Up to 32MIPS when working at 32MHz
  • Single cycle hardware multiplier(8×8)
Non-volatile Program and Data memory
  • 8KBytes in system programmable FLASH, creative data encrypt technology
  • 504Byte byte-oriented data flash
  • 1KByte internal SRAM
SWD-Two-wire debug interface
  • On chip debug features
  • In system programming for FLASH, EEPROM and system configuration bytes
  • 8-channel 10bit ADC, internal Voltage Reference and Differential input mode support
  • Integrated thermal sensor
  • 2-channel analog comparator,support ADC channel input and compare with internal reference
  • 8-channel NMOS type I/O, support up to 80mA sink current
  • Up to 12-channel capacitive touch key input
  • 2x8bit Timers with dedicated clock pre-scalar and input capture
  • 1x16bit Timers with dedicated clock pre-scalar and input capture
  • Up to 6-channel PWM output
  • Programmable USART
  • Master/Slave SPI
  • Master/Slave TWI, compatible with Philips I2C
  • Programmable Watch dog timer
  • Up to 30 programmable I/O (QFP32L package)
Special features
  • 32bit GUID
  • Creative flash data encrypt technology based on flash state change
  • Internal Power on Rest and Low voltage detector
  • ±1% calibrated 32MHz RC oscillator
  • ±1% calibrated 32KHz RC oscillator
  • Internal and external interrupts
  • HBM ESD: 4KV
Speed grade
  • 0 ~ 32MHz @1.8V ~ 5V
FLASH Program Toolkits
SWD Debugger
Application Notes
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